The Pitch:
The practice of hypnosis allows patients to tap into their unconscious mind and unlock inner feelings and memories from their past and present. It’s time to get lost in each other again. This brand redefines the old format of couple’s therapy through the use of hypnosis. Research has shown that the use of hypnotherapy between couples can help repair relationships and bring couples closer. Through this experimental and custom online therapy experience, healthy relationships are possible.
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Soup to Nuts:
-UX/UI Website Design
-Logo Development

CD: Emily Braunstein
AD: Emily Braunstein
CW: Emily Braunstein
With the rise of online therapy and being in the midst of a global pandemic, Anchor was created. I thought of all of the couples struggling to get through isolation and hard times, looking for a way out. An accessible and new form of couples therapy through hypnosis seemed like the perfect remedy. I know not all couples’ paths to repair are linear, but Anchor provides them with a light at the end of the tunnel.
The Big Idea: Anchored Away
Anchor’s Hypnosis methods transport couples into a trance of subconscious, connection, and most importantly recovery. This campaign transports the users into real Anchor environments, replicating the feeling and sensation of Anchor sessions. Whether a journey, pit stop, or purgatory in between, the viewers can experience the sensations of Anchor.

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