The Pitch:
Knees Up: “a very informal gathering for any type of celebration, involving plenty of impromptu singing, dancing, and drinking at the pub.”
British pubs are the pinnacle of English culture and foster a community of comfort and fun. Pubs come with their own language and unspoken rules that keep their regulars and local neighborhoods coming back each night. In the UK, pubs have been on a steady decline and closing more and more each year. This event serves as place for revitalization of the British pub and a celebration of the culture. In the form of a street party style festival, this allows all of the local pubs in an area to gather and showcase their specialties. Go out, order a pint, grab a bite and support your local spot.
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CD: Emily Braunstein
AD: Emily Braunstein
CW: Emily Braunstein
As an American tourist launched into the streets of London to study abroad, one of the few things I knew was pubs. But unbeknownst to me, a teacher informed me that British pubs were actually on the decline. Immediately in love with the culture of British pubs, I wanted to think of a helpful but lively way to capture the heart of these pubs. With an environment and jargon unique to themselves, Knees Up takes these pubs to the street for support and maybe a pint    or two.
The Big Idea: Save the Pubs awareness campaign
Unknown to many, Pubs have been on a decline in the UK for years as small and local pubs are being hit the hardest. Thus, Knees Up is accompanied by an awareness campaign, urging others to show support for their pubs and help them through business and celebration at the festival. This campaign is meant to humanize the pub and it’s patrons, a relationship that is centuries old. Save your pub!

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