The B in Braunstein stands for Big Ideas. Big thinker, Brainstormer, Battler, Bold Being, Buddy, Boss, and Big Jokester. I am a vessel for all things thoughts, concepts, and nuggets of idea gold. These nuggets are always sifted through the system of my wacky, clever and comedic mind. Spit out like my own children, they each carry my personality and the strong backbone to be put through my military grade critique drills. Drop and give me 10! No, I will give you 100. With a passion for creative advertising, art direction and everything copywriting, I hope my persuasion skills have convinced you to invest in an Emily Braunstein. One of a kind designer and art director package deal, fit with confidence, a storyteller mind, and a hunger to jump right in. Don’t miss out! This deal is flying off the shelves.

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