The Pitch:
Gone are the days of squirming over bugs and beetles. It’s time to flip your food chain and embrace the bug revolution. As we try to combat climate change, decreasing our consumption of meat and animal products in general is one of the steps we need to take. This brand strives to introduce consumers to a better protein substitute in insects, allowing them to consume higher protein items with a lower carbon footprint. Sorry snacks will be a thing of the past when these bugs hit the shelves.
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Soup to Nuts:
-Logo Development
-Website Design

CD: Emily Braunstein
AD: Emily Braunstein
CW: Emily Braunstein
The U.S. is a little late on the bug for food trend, as countries around the world have been regarding bugs as a delicacy for centuries. Known for their upscale and exquisite taste, bugs have crawled their way up to the top of the food chain. This made me wonder...will Ento be the brand to bring bugs from the ground up for the U.S. snack market?
The Big Idea: Bug Royalty 
Becoming the elite choice of protein, bugs will finally take their reign. This concept places the bugs at the         top of the animal kingdom giving them royal titles and noble status. What is life like under bug reign?

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