The Pitch:
Created on the need for a boredom free bathroom trip, Fanny reimagines your toilet time. Remember those days when reading the back of a shampoo bottle was the most exhilarating part of your afternoon sh*t? Let’s go back to that. With a range of toilet tissue full of fun facts, comedy, and oodles of inspiration. Fanny is not your average roll. Lock yourself in the bathroom, away from your kids, and crack open a roll of Fanny. Your toilet time will never be the same.
*You know I had to save the best for last...advertising campaigns at the bottom!
Soup to Nuts:
-Logo Development
-Website Design

CD: Emily Braunstein
AD: Emily Braunstein
CW: Emily Braunstein
Fanny was created with my childhood memories in mind, of being stuck in the bathroom reading the back of a soap bottle. Now as an adult woman, I began to rethink this bathroom boredom and what could save me in a time of toilet turmoil. Fanny, the new reimagined bathroom best friend, so you never have to worry… because you always have a friend in Fanny.
The Big Idea: Bathroom Debates #FannyFeuds
Emphasizing the divide and strong opinions that surround the bathroom, this concept presents bathroom debates. Crinkle or fold your toilet paper? Seat up or down? Over or under the roll? These debates may divide some but all people can agree on fanny. Still fighting? Bring these conversations to twitter with #FannyFeuds

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