The Pitch:
Ever crave a nosh strait out of your Bubbies kitchen? Oy is here to give you a schmear. Say goodbye to your boring old condiments that are bland, boring and basic, ‘Oy Vey!’ Oy is a brand of Jewish deli flavored condiments that will transport you right back to your favorite Jewish deli counters. With flavors like Reuben on Rye Ketchup and Half Sour Pickle Hot Sauce, nostalgia flows right out the top of these sauces. It’s time to make a sandwich fit for your Bubbie, without all of the Jewish guilt. Oy vey!
*You know I had to save the best for last...advertising campaigns at the bottom!
Soup to Nuts:
-Packaging Design
-Logo Development

CD: Emily Braunstein
AD: Emily Braunstein
CW: Emily Braunstein
Oy! is a look into my nostalgic Jewish upbringing. Full of loud family, an old neighborhood deli, and a very strong willed Bubbie, I found it fascinating to try and bottle this feeling in only a few sauces. In a nutshell (or a pickle jar) Oy! allows others to taste the richness of the Jewish deli dishes and culture that I have so many fond memories of.
The Big Idea: If Nostalgia had a Taste
If nostalgia had a taste, it would be Oy! These sauces bottle up the memories, feelings, and places of nostalgia for everyone who tastes it. As Jews, our fondest memories can be found among family and food. This concept takes the feeling of the nostalgia from Jewish delis and puts a vision to the memories. With just a taste of Oy,   the nostalgia puts you back in line at the deli counter.

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